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Do Blackstone Labs’ Products Work? Let’s Find Out!

November 16, 2017

Do Blackstone Labs’ Products Work? Let’s Find Out!

After the pro-hormone ban in 2014, there have been many questions regarding the effectiveness of Blackstone Labs’ supplements.

A Bit about Blackstone Labs First

Founded in 2012, Blackstone Labs produces supplements that aim to have benefits including fat burning, muscle building, body mass maintenance, etc.

Some of the ingredients they use in their products are whey proteins, amino acids, green tea extract, herbs and so on.

Science behind Blackstone Labs’ Products   

Here are some examples of their products and the science behind their effectiveness:

Blackstone Labs Anogenin

Blackstone Labs AnogeninThe major component of Blackstone Labs’ Anogenin is andocrine. Andocrine is a natural compound that contains 5a-hydroxy.

Derived from the plant called, Laxogenin, andocrine is a compound that is suitable for professional athletes and bodybuilders. The naturally occurring steroid can increase protein synthesis which not only helps build muscles, but also improves metabolism of the users.

Blackstone Labs Glycolog

Blackstone Labs GlycologThe human pancreas releases insulin. The function of this insulin is to regulate substances like glucose and amino acids in the blood. This helps maintain energy levels, improve sleep and make fat storage more efficient. What’s more, insulin produces glycogen that is great for skeletal muscle tissue.

Now that you have understood the function of insulin, let’s talk about Glycolog. Blackstone Labs’ Glycolog helps you make use of this insulin to produce desirable effects.

Some of the ingredients in Glycolog include bitter melon, chromium, R-alpha-lipoic and cinnamon extract among others. Acting as a partitioning agent, Glycolog leads to constructive metabolism. Weight loss and muscle building are two of the desirable effects that Glycolog can produce.

Blackstone Labs’ Anesthetized lifting those heavy weights, sleeping becomes quite difficult. What’s more, there can be added psychological pressure on athletes to perform and that can disturb sleep.

Blackstone Labs’ Anesthetized is a formula designed specifically to enhance REM sleep. However, this product should not be used unnecessarily. It is to be used when all other sleep inducing methods have failed.  

Blackstone Labs Abnormal

Blackstone Labs AbnormalAbnormal is created using the liposomal technology. It uses the tried and tested formula called 19-NorDHEA.

Containing androgenic and anabolic compounds in a ratio of 3:1, it can boost muscle building by leaps and bounds, and that too, in a timely manner.  

The product is perfect for bodybuilders. Also, it does not harm the liver if taken according to recommendations.   

We at have been working with Blackstone Labs for quite some time now. Our online shop contains some of the most effective products. Browse through our exciting range of Blackstone Labs’ products and choose the ones that will work best for you.

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