We can’t stop raving about these Supplements from Blackstone Labs!

November 15, 2017

We can’t stop raving about these Supplements from Blackstone Labs!

Starting with just pro-hormones, Blackstone Labs has come a long way. From pre-workout supplements to fat burners, it now produces a comprehensive range of fitness products.

Being in the game for so many years, we at are big fans of Blackstone Lab’s products. Our online shop contains some of their most effective products.

Here are 5 of our favorite products from the company:

Blackstone Labs Epicat

Blackstone Labs EpicatThis incredible fitness product uses epicatechin, an ingredient used in cocoa beans and dark chocolate. Releasing myostatin in the muscles, this product helps enhance body’s muscles.

For sportspersons and athletes, this can prove to be quite amazing. With intensive and rigorous bodybuilding, their bodies might get disproportionate. Epicat retains myostatin in the body so that there is room for more muscle growth.

Blackstone Labs Metha-Quad Extreme 

Blackstone Labs Metha-QuadMetha-Quad is a muscle-strengthening drug that can enhance an athlete’s performance big time.

It helps you build an amazing physique. It would be perfect when taking part in body building competitions.

However, what makes metha-quad different is that it integrates seamlessly with an athlete’s exercise or diet regimen. This means that they can incorporate metha-quad on any stage and get advantage of its amazing muscle-strengthening qualities.  

Blackstone Labs Growth

Blackstone Labs GrowtA few years back, Blackstone Labs achieved an incredible feat. It found the replacement of L-Dopa – a compound that could shoot dopamine levels if sent to the brain.

Their replacement compound 1-C can naturally increase dopamine levels. Blackstone Labs Growth contains 1-C and has proved to be highly effective in aspects such as increasing energy levels, reducing body fats, improving sleep, enhancing sexual function and so on.

The product has been tried and tested and has always been found to perform.

Blackstone Labs King Cobra

Blackstone Labs King CobraKing Cobra is one of Blackstone Labs’ best energy-enhancing and power-boosting drugs. With effective chemical ingredients including theobroma cacao, green tea extract, Capsimax, erythropalum scandens and so on, the product has been known to show some health benefits.

Some of its great benefits include burning fat, enhancing mood and improving energy among others.      

Blackstone Labs Abnormal

Blackstone Labs AbnormalBlackstone Labs Abnormal can make your dream of looking like a super-hero come true – it’s called Abnormal for a reason.

Using the liposomal technology, the supplement has been proven to have incredible medical benefits.

From building muscles to enhancing testosterone levels, the product has some mind-numbing, awe-inspiring effects.

Working with Blackstone Labs for quite some time, we have trust in their products. You can find the latest and most amazing of their products at Our online store provides their original products at reasonable prices.

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